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I was born and brought up in Clydebank (Scotland), and have lived in London since 1988. In 1978 I spent my lunch breaks teaching myself how to programme the new HP desktop computers we had (8kb of RAM!). I thought I was in trouble when my boss found my programme to make the plotter play "The Hornpipe" while a sailor danced a jig on the monitor, but instead I was moved and ended up writing data analysis programmes! Various jobs followed, each one increasingly IT focused. I've been online since 1985. I met my wonderful partner, Chris Bourne, in 1986 on Micronet (kind of a precursor to the Web in the UK). We were featured in Chat magazine in an article titled "Love on a computer"... ahem! He's a journalist (he previously worked at Sinclair User), and with his colleagues at Micronet, laid the foundations for the online journalism we're familiar with now. Back then, they were breaking new ground every day. Most of my friends are people I've met online first. I joined RNIB in March 2000 to set up the Web Access consultancy, and now work with a great team. It's a frustrating job at times, but I love the work, and wouldn't change it for anything else!


Computers, internet, science fiction, science fantasy, number and logic puzzles, family history research